Moment of Truth

Special thanks to Friday’s Fictioneers for the weekly photo prompt and inspiration. The challenge? Write a story in 100 words or less inspired by the picture.

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FF oceanWaves crashed about her ankles.

She was late.

Waves tugged at her thighs.

He didn’t want her.

Waves pulled her into the sea.

But, in a moment of perfect darkness, she found a tiny spark of light and life.

Fighting for breath, she broke free of the current; the crushing waves and freezing black with only that flicker of light to lead her.  She thrust herself from the water, saltwater tears baptizing her face as she staggered back to the car, protectively cradling her stomach and the unborn life within.

The Music Room

In a room made for sound, the dust said it all.   Dust caressed the keyboard he couldn’t touch, the cymbals that no longer chimed and the eclectic mix of 80’s vinyl still waiting to be recorded to CD.

His mother moaned her apologies to the night for all the times she had begged him to “be quiet”, “play another time”, “wait” until she was gone.

Except he was the one who was gone.  With one last glance at the urn bearing his name, he faded into the darkened corner and left her to the silence.


(Written for Friday Fictioneers challenge of 10/14/2014.  Write a story based on the posted picture in 100 words.)