Last Ride

last ride

Belated Photo credit: Jean L. Hays

Dad found the “Edsel-dozer” at auction.  He’d take that trumped up Edsel made bulldozer monstrosity up and down I-40 dripping hydraulic fluid the whole way.  Always looking for a crowd, he’d offer rides for a buck and the kids would come running.  And, he’d stay; he’d stay until the last kid rode, even if they didn’t have the money.

Childhood memories shattered like glass when I found Dad’s journal and polaroids hidden in the trunk and learned how that bucket-car and those poor kids were really used.

I left that journal, wet with tears, at the Oklahoma Sheriff’s office.


If you’re still reading, thanks.  Every word and comment that you make, have made, are considering making is valuable to me and I appreciate them all.  Especially the corrections!

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46 thoughts on “Last Ride

  1. Wow, this is fantastic writing, and a story with a punch. My favourite so far this week.
    I have a comment though, which of course you’re free to ignore… the final clause ‘wet with tears’. I presume you mean this to relate to the narrator, (or maybe the journal) but because it is next to the Sherrif’s Office, it reads as though this was wet with tears. You could start the line with ‘Wet with tears, I left…’ But, I’m being super-picky. It really is a pleasure to read.

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  2. You took me from loving dear ol’ dad to hating him one one quick moment. Ouch — really brings a grimace — but this is a gruesome reality too. I’m “liking” because it’s well written, but like others have said, it’s difficult to hit that “like” button!

    Very well done —

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great turn-around. I started laughing at the “Edsel-dozer”, in the middle I was thinking, “aww, what a lovely chap”… and then the horrible truth emerges.
    Great work to manage all that in only 100 words.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think you did very well with this prompt! From lovely old dad to creepy old dad in 100 words. Plus you stuck a mental (not sure that ‘s the word I’m searching for) knife in the narrator when she was the one to find the pictures and the journal. I’ll definitely keep reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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