The Negotiator

This is my fourth attempt at Friday Fictioneers and I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and gentle corrections to my precocious grammar and punctuation.


Phot Credit:  Melanie Greenwood

The Negotiator

He met the Commander in a bare room with a small table, plastic chairs and a video up-link.

“Today you negotiate the end of the war.” began the Commander,  “A Drexyn authority is prepared to meet with you now.”

Reluctantly the Commander handed him two pills, “Son, you’ll want these.  Drexyn treaties must be sanctioned by a life sacrifice from each side to be binding. The pills are fast and gentle.”

“You want me… but, I…”

“Millions of  lives have been lost. You are my only negotiator without a family.”

The Commander left after admitting the Drexyn and locked the door behind him. The negotiations had begun.


With complete candor, I confess today’s story was inspired by something I read years ago whose author I can no longer ascertain.

Special thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-feilds who has organized this merry band for the last two years.

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